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Hener Weighbridge Exported To Ghana, Africa


Latest company news about Hener Weighbridge Exported To Ghana, Africa

On Dec 21th, 2020, Hener welcomed customers from the GHANA from Africa. The technicians made a professional and detailed explanation, which from the plate cutting, U beam forming, the welding, the shot blasting, the spray process, the sensor characteristics, the base plate and the installation of weighbridge. Through this truly visible demonstration, the customer highly recognized the manufacturing process of Hener, and signed the contract on the spot.


With the implementation of the“One Belt, One Road” policy, China and international trade cooperation is growing bigger and bigger, but only innovative products can continue to be recognized by international customers. At the Boao Forum held in Hainan in April 2018, President Xi Jinping repeatedly mentioned reform and innovation. Indeed, national development needs reform and innovation, and enterprise development needs to carry out reform and innovation to the end. We should continue to seek breakthroughs in technological innovation, continuously emancipate and develop the productivity of enterprises, and increase labor productivity. Zonjli product research and development always keeps pace with the development of the market, leading the weighing industry, and is committed to better meet the requirement of users.


Under the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiative, Zonjli will be partner with more international customers, mutual benefit and create a win-win situation.