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Industrial Floor Scales
Skid Proof Industrial Floor Scales , 2M Floor Scale For Pallets

Skid Proof Industrial Floor Scales , 2M Floor Scale For Pallets

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Winlit
Certification: CE,ISO 9001
Model Number: CH-EF
Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
CE,ISO 9001
Model Number:
Industrial Floor Scales
Display Play:
Power Supply:
Extra Low Floor Scale
Carbon Steel
Weight Function
Max Capacity:
10 Ton
Accuracy Class:
High Light:

High Light

High Light:

2M Industrial Floor Scales


skid proof Industrial Floor Scales


2M floor scale for pallets

Trading Information
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 set
Negotiable or negotiated price
Packaging Details:
carton box
Delivery Time:
5-10 work days
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability:
Product Description

Portable Floor Scales Industrial Floor Scales With Customizable Colors Platform Weighing Scale


Common Barrel, Drum and Pallet Scale Options:

Low Profile Floor Scales – Since BDP scales have a very low profile, loading items to be weighed is much simpler. Combined with options like a hinged ramp, loads can be loaded and unloaded smoothly, quickly and with little manpower or specialized equipment.
Live Side Rails – These are durable rails that run along the sides of the load cell. With live side rails, items that are larger in size than the scale can still be weighed accurately.
Sealed Load Cells – Barrels and drums are used for storing liquid, toxic and corrosive substances, and can occasionally leak. To prevent damage and corrosion, you can opt for scales with welded-seal or environmentally sealed load cells.


Part of floor scale:

1. Adjustable foot:turn up,adjust height
2. Tread plate:carbon steel plate or stainless plate is optional
3. indicator:with print or without print as your request
4. High precision sensor:the different brand,different price and different quality is optional
5. Signal line: 5m, 8m as your request
6. Anti-mouse board:as your request

Super Load Bearing,Easy to Instal,Stable and Firm,Electronic Display,Weighing Accurately can reach your request.




Dimension Specification for All
0.8*0.8m Single deck
1.0*1.0m Carbon Steel Structure, power coated
1.2*1.2m U-shape beams by molds
1.2*1.5m With load cells
1.5*1.5m Indicator optional
2.0*2.0m With junction box


Features and Advantages​:


1. Available in a range of standard sizes and capacities.

2. Can be made to any custom size,shape or capacity to meet unique needs.

3. Built for strength,reliability and repeatable accuracy.

4. Carbon steel and baking epoxy paint/

5. Standard Capacity:100Kg-10000Kg.

6. Checkered plate to skid proof.

7. High precision shear beam load cells with adjustable feet and locationg plates.

8. Threaded eyebolt holes on top plate of each corner for easy adjusting feet height.

9. Digital out-stand indicator (LCD / LED) with high accuaracy.

10. All purposed basic weighing functions,date and time,animal weighing,counting,and accumulation etc.

11. Ideal for daily,constant usage and heavy duty applications.


Quality Assurance:


Weighing platform is designed according to mechanics principle.
100% inspection according to National standard inspecting method to make sure quality assurance.


Powder coated surface is more smooth and durable.


IP65 washable stainless steel plate,suitable for the food industry.


High Precision:

High precision alloy steel load cell.
With Keli*1 or Zemic*2 SQB load cells optional.

Keli or Zemic is our accessories supplier, and Keli or Zemic commodities are owned by the actual trademark holder.


Factory Workshop:

1. Amin the universal pin at the screw hole

2. Turn up,adjust the height

3. Turn off the white screw and pull out the cable

4. Lock the slot

5. Plug the connector into the intrument

6. The installation is complete,you can see


Skid Proof Industrial Floor Scales , 2M Floor Scale For Pallets 0Skid Proof Industrial Floor Scales , 2M Floor Scale For Pallets 1

Detailed Explanations:


1. Thickened scale foot to ensure the stability of the scale body.

2. Enveloping angle structure makes the structure more stable.

3. Automatic protection welding machine,homogeneous precise welding to make the surface smoothly and flatness.


Skid Proof Industrial Floor Scales , 2M Floor Scale For Pallets 2



Participated in many exhibitions, entertained customers from all over the world, a variety of products for you to choose!



Company Profile:


Our factory is located in Changzhou,Jiangsu Province,which is one of the most developed areas in China.
As one of the leading manufacturers in weighing equipment field in China. Winlit has the big weighing equipment line,including electronic truck scale ,portable axle scale ,floor scale ,pallet scale ,etc.
Winlit is explaining the "Professional Design, Advanced Technology, Reliable Quality "by the perfect products,applications and services.





Q:Is it convenient for truck weighbridge scale transportation?
A:Whole set divides to small sections,easy for shipping and installation.


Q:Do you offer installation in our country?
A:We have agents in some countries.Please confirm with us if it is available in your country.


Q:Is your price the lowest in the market?
A:It is never difficult to make lowest price in China, but you get what you pay for.We don't aim on lowest but surely the most cost-effective scales.


Q:Is your company factory?
A:Yes,we are manufacturer.Welcome your visit anytime.


Q:What is your payment way?
A:Generally we go with TT payment.LC is also acceptable.For other payment,we can discuss.