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200T Heavy Duty Weighbridge Anti Corrosion Electronic Truck Scale

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Carbon Steel
3 Years
Indicator Screen:
Load Cell:
110V 220V
Weighbridge Truck Scale
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200T Heavy Duty Weighbridge


200T electronic truck scale


anti corrosion electronic truck scale


120 Ton OEM Dimension Carbon Steel Digital Heavy Duty Truck scale Weighbridge


Every new weighbridge design undergoes rigorous lifecycle testing. Over a couple of months, each weighbridge design is tested to a minimum of one million cycles - or 20 years of heavy use. This testing helps guarantee the best quality and longest scale life.


The outside frame uses professional sections;
The inside use double fabric reinforcement;
Use latch plate type connecting way;
Use high capacity electronic weighing load cell;
High anti-corrosion strength, suitable for damp land near the sea and the area that corroded by chemicals long Service of life;
Lightning stroke resistance, avoid the possible damage caused by lighting stroke;
Long term stability, can be used more than 20 years;


Detailed information:

Product name electronic truck scale
Display accuracy 10 kg
Product width 2.5m 3m 3.2m 3.4m (or other size)
Product length 5m-24m
Weighing range 10T 200T
Product configuration 4 bridge sensors, one junction box, one D2008 meter, one bill of paper, one outdoor display, one weighing software, one printer (optional), one computer (optional)
Foundation pit production The drawings are generally provided by us and the customers are constructed according to the drawings.


The Superiority of our truck scale :

* Modularization, standardization, serialization platform, multi-unit combination
* Automatic reset force transmission system
* Can be matched with various indicators
* Digital display gross weight, net weight, tare
* Dynamic, under load and overload, etc state display
* Digital filtering, clear tare automatically
* Subtract tare and clear tare automatically
* Keyboard set/calibration
* Vehicle No., tare storage, subitem accumulation, total accumulation
* Data output/print automatically


Accessories parts (including optional parts):

* 1. Optional in platform size, Max. Cap.
* 2. Optional in other brand's load cells, indicator.
* 3. Optional RS232 interface
* 4. Optional ramps or rails.
* 5. Optional big screen.
* 6. Optional extra printer
* 7. Optional software
* 8. Optional computer
* 9. Optional double shielded cable



Product Types:


200T Heavy Duty Weighbridge Anti Corrosion Electronic Truck Scale

Pit free structure Shallow foundation pit structure
No foundation pit is installed on the ground plane, the surface of the ground pounds above the ground, need to do both sides of the slope, easy to get on, off Shallow foundation pit is installed in the ground, after the surface of the ground pounds and the ground level





Q: Is it convenient for truck weighbridge scale transportation?
A: Whole set divides to small sections,easy for shipping and installation.


Q: Do you offer installation in our country?
A: We have agents in some countries.Please confirm with us if it is available in your country.


Q: Is your price the lowest in the market?
A: It is never difficult to make lowest price in China, but you get what you pay for.We don't aim on lowest but surely the most cost-effective scales.


Q: Is your company factory?
A: Yes,we are manufacturer.Welcome your visit anytime.


Q: What is your payment way?
A: Generally we go with TT payment.LC is also acceptable.For other payment,we can discuss.


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